Meet David

      I have been an active Republican since I volunteered with the local “Victory Squad” in 1972. I have been helping candidates and campaigns ever since. I have attended the Republican State Convention six times as a delegate and once as Chairman of the Senate District 18 Caucus. Last year I was elected by fellow Republican Congressional District leaders to represent them as a delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention. I am in it for the long haul.
      A Fayette County resident since 2000, I served as election judge and Precinct Chair until becoming County Chair in 2013. I am a proven effective Republican leader. When I became Chair there were only three county offices held by Republicans. I created and led a highly successful Republican Values campaign encouraging voters to support Republican candidates in our county elections. In 2014 an astounding 92% of all votes in the Primary Election were cast for Republicans. During my tenure we gained our first ever countywide officeholder and the Republican Party took 13 county offices away from the Democratic Party. Today, we hold four countywide offices and by 2018 Fayette County Republicans will hold every precinct level office making Fayette County a true Republican stronghold.
     I have a strong track record of effective grassroots activism and advocacy for Texas, getting things done, working both inside and outside of government offices. Not just a talker, but a doer.
     In 2004, I became aware of the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC). Enabling legislation had already been passed, contracts were being prepared for a colossal land grab, and TxDOT was nearly done holding 254 required hearings. I was offended by the unjustifiable threat to family farms and ranches. I was told it was too late and that nothing could be done to stop the project. I was not discouraged. Together with my wife Linda Gard Stall I created an organization to challenge the bad public policy of the TTC. We became CorridorWatch. I attended, promoted and spoke at hearings and rallies across the state, many of them here in House District 13. I took on state officials at the highest levels. I went to war with the foreign toll road profiteers and their lobbyists as well as the state and federal transportation bureaucracies that were promoting this boondoggle. I worked with local, state and national leaders behind the scenes, testified countless times, appeared on radio and television and in the local, state and national press. I fought the battle against the TTC for seven years and won. We won, property owners won, and Texas won.
     At 18, I was appointed to my city’s parks and recreation board and was elected chairman. At 19, I ran for city council and lost. At 20, I ran again and was elected. That same year I became a police officer in Nassau Bay, Texas. Fourteen years later, I was the city manager overseeing the entire operation of that city. For 23 years I have served three Texas communities as city manager.
     In 2008, I was at the helm of a community, the home of the Houston Yacht Club on Galveston Bay, devastated by Hurricane Ike. Every seventh home was destroyed, 83% of the homes flooded and every city facility, building and utility was heavily damaged. I went to bat for the community and fought battles on behalf of our citizens with the government’s disaster relief bureaucracy. I won huge grants and created outside-the-box solutions that saved the city from extinction and I received requests for technical assistance from much larger cities in the disaster zone. I took actions and put programs into effect that won accolades not only from our constituency, but from flood protection and remediation communities as well. I was in demand to address these issues on a national platform. The protections I put in place proved themselves when Hurricane Harvey hit the community this year. Although 70 homes were flooded, none were destroyed and not one dollar of damage was inflicted on city property.
     As my planned city manager retirement nears I ask that you send me to Austin where I can put my “can do” passion to work as your State Representative. I look forward to using the experience gained over the last 40 years and putting the same level of determination into getting things done in the Texas House.
     I ask for the support of every Republican in the March Primary Election.
     And may God continue to Bless Texas.


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